IoT Connect Low Power,

Connectivity for your IoT devices
on our LoRa® network in France

The advantages of LoRa® Connectivity

Lowest power consumption

Low-cost devices

Long-range & indoors coverage

Bi-directional (250 bps - 50 kbps)

Native end to end encryption

Our offers

All of our monthly plans include

Unlimited uplink messages
+ Access to Live Objects

Live Objects is our platform for device
connectivity and data management.

3 years

1 / month
per device

Downlink messages 0,05 €

2 years

1,2 / month
per device

Downlink messages 0,05 €

1 year

1,5 / month
per device

Downlink messages 0,05 €

No commitment

2 / month
per device

Downlink messages 0,05 €

*If you have already subscribed to our Iot Connect Low Power offer, you just need to register your
new device on the network. You will be charged according to the conditions of your existing connectivity offer.

Check for Coverage

We are gradually deploying the LoRa@ network throuhout France. Check if you have coverage where your project will happen

Not covered or have specific needs?

An extension of the network can be deployed on industrial sites or zones of activity for your specific needs.

If you need more information about Orange IoT connectivity offers and coverage please get in touch below.